Children’s Residential Home

Children’s Residential Home

Supporting and caring for children with intellectual disabilities

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  • Innovative approach
  • Family reunification is the long-range goal
  • Activities and learning is customized for each child based on individual needs

For over three years, Mountain View has been a caring and supportive home for children with intellectual disabilities. The long range goal for services within the Mountain View program is reunification with the family. We work one-on-one with the children in order to create a fun and intentional learning atmosphere that fosters life skills through “normal” and developmentally appropriate activities. Throughout the children’s long-term stay at Mountain View, we work directly with the children to implement activities and outings that interest them.

It is our belief that by engaging the children in their own learning, they are better able to invest in their progress. Our innovative approach creates a compassionate home environment that allows the children to develop as a whole person. The children grow in a nonjudgmental atmosphere alongside peers that are also gaining similar life skills. As the children grow into adulthood, many of them choose to remain with us as the friends that they have made within the program.

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To learn more about this program, contact us:

Tabitha Studinarz, Program Manager
• 425-225-6454

Marcia Cumme, Program Supervisor
• 425-212-4200