Supported and Community Living

Supported and Community Living 

Strengthening inclusion and self-determination skills for adults with disabilities.

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  • Customizable program
  • Participants comfort is our priority
  • Family, friends, and community involvement, if preferred
  • Highly trained, trustworthy, and attentive staff


Sunrise Services offers a continuum of community living services for adults with a wide variety of developmental disabilities and levels of skill and independence. We gladly accept participants who have major behavioral challenges, as well as those who have a dual diagnosis of developmental disabilities and mental illness or traumatic brain injury.

We help you develop and promote self-determination, independence and competence by providing needed supports for daily living. Through a person-centered planning process between you and your family, we identify goals and provide services to help achieve them.

Participants live semi-independently in their own homes – houses or apartments – and have the opportunity to select their own menus, do or help out with their own cooking, and make decorative choices about their homes. Depending on needs and person goals, Sunrise can also help assist with medications, coordinate and provide transportation for health care, provide support for finances, facilitate relationships with family and friends, and support involvement with social and recreational activities.

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Payment Methods and Amount of Support

Medicaid and private pay arrangements are accepted. If state paid, referrals are through Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). The number of hours per day or per week is determined by DSHS or DDA using an assessment tool.

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