Year: 2019

Behavioral vs Mental Health: What are They?

If you’ve been researching mental health care options, you may have seen references to behavioral health services but might be unsure of what it is. While behavioral health and mental health are related, the treatment methods aren’t the same.
Understanding the differences between behavioral and mental health treatments can help you find the right care for your situation.

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Why Work at Sunrise?

Sunrise Services is a company that is devoted to offering quality caregiving services and education pathways. We offer a variety of unique programs that are focused on real individuals who are often underserved. We employ a holistic, responsive, and innovative approach to providing community and in-home support helping our clients progress towards wellness and maintain successful independent living.

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What is Mental Health Home Care?

Home care can be a great option for anyone who has trouble functioning and performing normal activities in their daily lives. Home care providers can assist with things like cleaning, housekeeping, assisting with personal hygiene, grocery shopping, running errands, preparing meals and more.

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How Can Mental Health Counseling Help Me?

Just like physical conditions, the symptoms of mental health problems can have a dramatic impact on your daily life. Every day can feel like a struggle, and it can be hard to find the positives. The good news is that you can minimize the symptoms and even work through the problem.

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Four Signs It is Time to Hire a Home Caregiver

Life isn’t easy. It’s hard for everyone to balance the responsibility of a career, the needs of a family, and still have enough personal and social time to stay happy and satisfied. The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone.

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