5 Online Training Options for Caregivers

Looking for online caregiver training options? Look no further! Sunrise offers a wide range of training options for both aspiring caregivers and practicing HCA-Cs looking to keep their certification.

For Prospective Caregivers:

Sunrise offers all the training you need to become a certified caregiver in Washington State. While part of the training can only be completed through in-person classes, you can still complete a large part of your basic training online at any time of day or night. There are also a wide variety of specialty training courses and a refresher course you can take to prepare for your HCA exam.

Orientation & Safety Online Training

You may already be familiar with the 75 hours of basic training required to become Home Care Aide certified (HCA-C) in Washington State. Not all of this training can be completed online, but one of the parts you can take is the 5-hour orientation and safety portion through Sunrise’s online caregiver training program.

Orientation & Safety training covers typical caregiver responsibilities, the caregiver’s and client’s rights, and how to prevent accidents, injury, and the spread of disease to yourself and to clients. This course provides the foundation you will use throughout the rest of your training and career as a caregiver.

Population-Specific Online Training

Another component of basic caregiver training that can be completed online is the 30-hour population-specific training requirement. We offer a wide range of 30-minute to 6-hour course options which you can combine to meet the requirement. Some of our popular options include:

  • ABCs of DD, a 1.5-hour course covering developmental disabilities and the history of how people with disabilities have been treated
  • Addiction, a 2.5-hour course covering the effects of and treatment options for many common addictions
  • Diabetes Series, a 6-hour series covering the anatomy and physiology of diabetes, its causes and effects, treatment, and how to manage a diabetic-friendly diet
  • Intro to Mental Health, a 2-hour course covering the basic facts, warning signs, and recovery options for mental health conditions which you can later follow up with more specialized training
  • Vision: Caring for the Visually Impaired, a 1-hour course covering best practices for caregivers working with clients who have a vision impairment
  • And many more!

If you would like your population training to count toward Washington State basic caregiver training requirements, be sure to select a course with the label “Population Specific Credit.” Courses labeled “Continuing Education (C.E.)” will not meet the requirement.

HCA Skills Refresher

Sunrise offers a home care aide skills refresher course to help aspiring caregivers prepare for the Washington State HCA exam. It covers general testing information, a breakdown of important skills, and tips on frequently missed checkpoints.

Keep in mind that this course does not count toward the 75-hour basic training requirement. While this course is not required for aspiring caregivers, we recommend it to anyone who would like to refresh their memory in preparation for their certification exam.

For Experienced Caregivers

Sunrise offers a wide variety of online continuing education options for caregivers, including self-paced learning available at any time of day or night and virtual live-taught sessions with an instructor.

Care-Related Skills Online Training

Caregivers are required to deal with a wide range of responsibilities and situations. While the 75-hour basic training covers a lot, you may have missed some information that could make a big difference in your everyday life as a caregiver. To level up your skills and get continuing education credit, consider taking an online course on one of the following topics:

  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Bedbugs
  • Food safety
  • Loss & grief
  • People-first language
  • Dehydration
  • Skin ulcers
  • Becoming your parent’s caregiver

Expanding Your Population Knowledge

You already took 30 hours of training covering specific populations when you became a certified home care aide, but even that isn’t enough to cover all of the conditions you may encounter as a caregiver. Consider expanding your capabilities and the range of clients you can comfortably work with by taking a course on developmental disabilities, autism, bipolar disorder, diabetes, or another population that may require specialized knowledge and care techniques.

Check out our course catalog for more online caregiver training options! If you would like to only see continuing education courses for practicing caregivers, select the Continuing Education (C.E.) credit box.

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