COVID-19 Masks


MEMO: COVID-19 Mask Use Clarifications

Dear caregiver,

This memo provides some clarifications for COVID-19 mask use policies for caregivers at Sunrise Home Care Agency.

Sunrise strives to stay on top of most recent COVID-19 guidance and per current guidelines:

  1. Caregivers (including those who are fully vaccinated) working with asymptomatic (healthy) clients must wear a surgical mask and keep other COVID-19 safety precautions, such as keeping a 6 feet distance (except for occasional short term interactions that are less than 10 minute in length), frequently washing hands, using gloves etc.
  2. Caregivers must wear full PPE, including a gown, a face shield, and a fitted N-95 mask in the following situations:
  • When working with a client who has a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection
  • When working with an asymptomatic (healthy) client and doing tasks that require sustained close-together work with less than 3 feet apart for more than 10 minutes in an hour and multiple times a day.

Before you can wear the N-95 mask, you must obtain a medical clearance, and have the mask fitted to ensure maximum safety.

Therefore, for your and your client’s safety, please make sure that:

  • You limit the close-together (less than 3 feet apart) work with a client to NO more than 10 minutes in an hour
  • If you occasionally must work close together (less than 3 feet apart) with a client for more than 10 minutes, please make sure that it’s NOT multiple times per day.

If you cannot maintain the above guidelines, and your tasks demand close-together work with a client for extended periods (less than 3 feet apart + more than 10 minutes + multiple times a day), please contact your supervisor. The supervisor will discuss your situation and, if needed, the supervisor will schedule you for a medical clearance, and you will be fitted and provided with N-95 masks and other PPE. Sunrise will pay for your medical evaluation and your time.

We understand that COVID-19 guidelines are constantly changing and may be confusing at times, so please do not hesitate to contact the Home Care office if you have any questions: 425-374-5880.


Sunrise Home Care Agency