The Bridge Nursing Assistant training program is a way for Home Care Aides-Certified (HCA-C) to become Nursing Assistant-Certified (NAC). It “bridges” the gap of knowledge between what an HCA is taught and what a NAC needs to know.

The Sunrise NAC Bridge program is a 24 hour course divided into three days: 8 hours of classroom training, 8 hours of skills lab practice, and 8 hours of clinical practice. By the end of the course, you will be ready to take the Washington State NAC licensing test.

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Caregiver Training

Certificate Achieved

After passing the Bridge program, you will receive a certificate of completion. You can then take the state competency test offered by Credentia to receive your official NAC License.


You must hold an active Home Care Aid Certification (HCA-C) license to enroll in the NAC program. Additional requirements:

  • Current CPR Certification
  • Negative TB Test (results must be less than a year old from the first day of class, and two results are required if you use skin tests.)
  • Covid-19 Vaccine Card
  • Picture ID
  • English Assessment
  • Background Check
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Jobs & Careers

Graduating from the NAC Bridge program opens up a world of opportunity. You can work as a NAC in extended care facilities, hospitals, clinics, and home health agencies. You can also work in residential care facilities, halfway houses, homes for people who are elderly or disabled, or in private households. 

If nursing is the end goal, we suggest you choose jobs in hospitals or long-term care facilities. Some nursing programs require a NAC license to apply, and some want 1000 hours of NAC work to apply. 

Employment Outlook

NAC employment is expected to grow much faster than most other occupations in response to an emphasis on rehabilitation and the long-term care needs of a rapidly aging population. The Bridge program will give you continued job opportunities and career advancement in nursing.

Students who need financial help can apply for a scholarship to cover tuition.

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Types of Caregiver Training Offered

75 Hr Basic Training

NAC Bridge Program

Nurse Delegation

CE Classes

Specialty Courses

CPR + First Aid

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