The Nurse Delegation Core Process

  • Students can enroll online, over the phone, or in-person.
  • Exam date is scheduled at the time of enrollment & may be rescheduled 1-time for free.
  • Each self-study requires the student to read through the workbook & fill out all exercises directly in the book on their own time.
  • Testing is completed in-person at set exam times.
  • Testing and any retesting needed must be completed within 60 days of enrollment.
  • Students show their completed workbooks and picture ID to be eligible to test.
  • Student’s taking Nurse Delegation Diabetes alone also must bring a copy of their Nurse Delegation Core certificate.
  • Once the NDC certificate is achieved, the student will then work with a RN at their facility to receive further training on what specific nurse delegation tasks will be completed at the facility. The RN will provide hands-on training as well as written instruction for each step of the task.
Caregiver Training
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Nurse Delegation Core 

Nurse Delegation (ND) Core is a 9 credit, self-study course that instructs the student on all aspects of Nurse Delegation, such as legal issues, the ND process, and understanding of what can or cannot be delegated. Once the student registers they will be sent an electronic copy of the course book. The book can be opened on a computer, tablet, or phone. Once the study is completed students will bring in their book work and take a DSHS developed test. They must pass the test by 80% and they are given one test retake if needed. ND Core must be passed before students can take Nurse Delegation Diabetes (NDD). This class can also be used for 9 CE credits.

Nurse Delegation Diabetes

Nurse Delegate Diabetes (NDD) is a three hour self-study course which teaches the student about insulin injections and how to care-give for a client who is Diabetic. In order to take this class ND Core must first be taken and passed. Once the student achieves the certificate this will allow them to work with a RN at their facility to be trained hands on for Diabetic Care. This class can be used as CE Credits.


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