Roads to Community Living and
Washington Roads Program

Offering support and assistance to help individuals live happily in the community.

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  • Transitioning individuals into the community
  • Stabilizing community placements
  • Offering a wide range of support services

Sunrise Community Choice Guides (CCGs) help individuals transition from a nursing facility into a community living situation and or assist individuals with a variety of tasks that help a person succeed or stabilize in the community.

Home and Community Services and Area Agency on Aging Case Managers refer individuals into the Roads to Community Living and Washington Roads Program and authorize specific tasks for CCGs to complete. Our CCGs offer accountable, dependable service. They are working to meet the needs of the individual and the community.

CCGs assist and problem solve tasks outlined by the Case Manager. Tasks include things such as finding and moving to a new home (adult family home, assisted living or apartment/house) that best suits their needs, coordination with doctors, assistance accessing needed services, making specific purchases as authorized and much more. CCGs listen and advocate for individuals, helping them make choices which best meet their needs and preferences.

Sunrise works in partnership with the individual and other providers to help build a successful environment in the community.