Cindy Boling: Celebrating 35 Years at Sunrise

Cindy Boling is the kind of person who sees a need in the community and works to fill it. After 35 years at Sunrise, she remains motivated to help each client she can.

We’d like to take a moment to celebrate our highly valued employee and everything she has done for the community over the decades!

A Passion That Has Lasted Decades

Cindy initially came to Sunrise to work with an old boss, but she stayed for the clients. One of her first experiences at Sunrise was when a client came to greet her at her car. He opened the door for her, held out his hand, and walked her to the office.

“From that day, my family and I had a bond with him,” Cindy says. “He came to work once a week and shredded papers and he always insisted on McDonald’s. He became part of my family. He celebrated all the major holidays with us and once a month spent the weekend. He brought such joy and love to our family.”

That love has enabled Cindy to help hundreds of clients over the years. She has helped develop many policies and procedures that have enabled Sunrise to serve many community members with genuine compassion and care.

A Career Dedicated to Serving Others

Cindy started out doing billing for the Back to Work and Youth programs in the Community Trades and Careers program. From there she moved into the accounting office and later became Sunrise’s Accounting Manager. She has continued to serve clients in this capacity ever since.

Early on in her time at Sunrise, Cindy saw a need for a program that could help community members with physical and developmental disabilities receive down payment assistance and specialized financing to purchase their own homes. She was instrumental in establishing the Washington Home Of Your Own (now Journey) payee program. Cindy eventually served as the agency’s first payee and used her expertise to develop policies and procedures that have enabled the agency payee program to expand.

Over the years, Journey Housing and Payee Services has partnered with Sunrise to help more than 500 clients. Many of these clients remain in their homes to this day.

Building an Incredible Team

Cindy has made some enormous contributions to the community throughout her time at Sunrise. However, Cindy considers her biggest accomplishment at Sunrise to be building the team she has today.

“My leads are amazing,” she says. “I depend on them to make sure their team is completing their tasks on time. Without the team we have today, the accounting office would not be as successful as it is.”

Cindy has especially enjoyed working with Kim Eldred, her supervisor for the past 12 years. “She keeps me grounded, supports my decisions, and is my go-to person when I just need to talk through a situation,” Cindy says.

Outside of her work at Sunrise, Cindy enjoys bowling, working in her yard, and doing crafts. She has two children and five grandchildren. Every Friday, she picks up one of her grandchildren and spends the weekend with them.

Sunrise wouldn’t be able to serve our Puget Sound community as effectively without Cindy’s efforts. We are so thankful for her presence and her contributions to this organization!

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