Category: Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health: Do You Need Care?

Sometimes, though, behavioral patterns can seriously disrupt our goals, relationships, and overall health. Here’s how to tell when it’s time to talk to a behavioral health professional.

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Sunrise is Accepting New Behavioral Health Clients!

Our new Behavioral Health Director, has been focused on helping Sunrise providers and clients get back to in-person care for the past few months. At Sunrise, we believe it’s very important to meet clients where they’re at, including starting to see clients in person again if they want to be seen in person.

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Become a Certified Therapeutic Options Instructor With Sunrise This June

The Therapeutic Options Certification is a certification for individuals who want to teach therapeutic options to other instructors, educators, and caregivers. It gives individuals the tools and knowledge to successfully protect people under their care by reducing violence and negative outcomes, all in an effort to build relationships and stop problems before they start.

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