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Why should you join our team? It’s simple… working with Sunrise is more than just a job, it’s a chance to make a meaningful difference in the life of another!

At Sunrise, we focus on partnering with individuals. Sunrise employees are real people who partner with individuals and families to define goals and identify challenges they face, develop a successful small-step approach to problem solving, and identify community resources and service options.

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Direct Support Professional

Become a direct support professional and change a life! Direct Support Professionals work with adults with developmental disabilities in a residential setting, assisting clients with activities ranging from personal grooming and meal preparation to shopping, housekeeping and recreational outings. No experience? We provide paid training towards caregiver certification! Full-time and part-time available, with flexible scheduling

Home Care Aide

Make a difference in the life of another by becoming a home care aide! Home Care Aides work with seniors and individuals with disabilities who want to keep their independence in the comfort of their own homes. No experience? We provide paid training towards caregiver certification!

Mental Health Professional

Looking to take the next step in your counseling career? Our Behavioral Health program provides outpatient services for a variety of patient needs. Mental Health Professionals provide services and treatment in accordance with the evidence-based practice recovery model. We provide supervision for all associates (LMHCA, LMFTA, LSWA-IC), free of charge! Earn up to $6000/year in client retention bonuses! New graduates welcome!

Care Coordinator

Break into the rewarding field of human services as a Care Coordinator! Care Coordinators work directly with clients to match them with needed health and social services within the community. Care Coordinators can even earn up to $150 – $300 extra in incentive bonuses per month!

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Our Culture

Here at Sunrise, we recognize our staff as our greatest asset by striving to honor their contributions through ongoing recognition, fair compensation, while maintaining a culture of continual learning and equitable dialogue.

We observe a culture of Trust, Transparency and Honesty. We recognize that we’re all in this together to serve our clients, and value teamwork and effective communication. We strive to recognize our employees hard work and contribution, while providing an environment filled with opportunity for learning and growth.

Types of Caregiver Training Offered

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Employee Stories

Introducing Reed! Reed is our director of community placement and community trades and careers!

Reed’s growth within the company over these past few years is truly something special! Reed first joined the Sunrise team as an entry level Employment Specialist with our vocational program, Community Trades and Careers. In 2018, Reed took on the role of the Director of Community Trades and Careers. By April of 2021, Reed accepted his current role as the Director of our Community Placement division! He now oversees both programs!

He states the following… “I am eager to help these teams continue to provide great services so they can help as many people as possible. It’s been a pleasure learning and working with these departments and I’m excited to see what we can achieve.”

Reed Cowie, Director of Community Placement & Community Trades and Careers

Becky has been with Sunrise for a little over 7 years! Becky first started with Sunrise as a Resident Manager at our Klahaya Adult Family home. Since then she has been a part of many different programs, assisting in management and program coordination. In 2019 she took on her current role as a Resident Manager for the Colby Adult family home, and a Quality Assurance Program Coordinator for the Enhanced Services Facility. Becky states the following regarding her time at Sunrise…

“My favorite things about working at Sunrise are the amazing clients we get to serve on a daily basis and the wonderful teams I’ve been fortunate to work alongside. It does take a village to do the work we do here at Sunrise, and when we can assist those we serve in acclimating back into their communities, then that is the reward at the end of the day. Those of us who get into the healthcare field, do so because it is a calling and we heed the call. The need to increase the village is always front and foremost as there are always more we need to serve.”

Becky Kilgore, Quality Assurance Manager

Our Benefits

We offer a variety of plans to choose from to meet your individual needs. Sunrise offers a free $10,000 life insurance policy for full-time employees. After 1 year of employment, employees are eligible for 401k with matching. Sunrise matches 50% of contributions up to 6% of wages. Additional benefits include; college savings plans, sick leave pay-out, floating holiday, flexible scheduling, performance and incentive bonuses, employee assistance program, pet insurance, and much more!

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“My favorite thing about working at Sunrise is getting to provide support and assistance to a population that is often overlooked. I also love getting to work with so many different backgrounds and walks of life, and meeting clients where they are at. Our team members are compassionate, resourceful, thoughtful and have hearts to serve.

I’m so proud of the work we produce each day. I love the support we provide one another, the experience I have gained, and am excited to see what our program has in store for 2022!”

Kristi Reikier, Health Homes Program Coordinator

“Sunrise has given me an opportunity to grow within the company to support our clients. It gives me pleasure to work with our most difficult clients in supporting them and making life easy for them.

To see smiles on the clients faces gives me the satisfaction and energy to keep doing what I love. Thank you Sunrise for giving me the opportunity to work with a bunch of amazing people who all have the same goal as me, and that’s to make other lives better!”

Lance Headley, Community Living Facilitator

“I enjoy interacting with our clients and being a positive part of their day. I also enjoy working alongside my coworkers. Even though I have had a handful of jobs before, I enjoy the Sunrise family the most.”

Randle West, Maintenance Lead

“In our work there is not a lot of instant gratification but when you have tilled the soil, planted seeds, watered and fertilized and done everything you can to plant a crop you reap the satisfaction of your labor. Such is with Sunrise when it comes to work with clients. It is a slow process and I continue to find the satisfaction of making a difference rewarding.”

Stuart Segall, Lead Employment Specialist

“Those here at Sunrise ESF have been instrumental in their willingness to step out of the normal and try to truly make that difference in the lives of our residents and staff alike. If we as staff are having a bad day, so will our residents and visa-versa. It is a symbiotic relationship pure and simple. Sunrise ESF sees this and encourages all involved to have a voice. We are a team and value teamwork and creativity. I foresee a long future here with Sunrise and I welcome it fully!

Kevin Powley, Associate Administrator

“My growth is inseparable from the growth of my division, Community Trades & Careers. Thanks to incredible leadership, we adopted a platform that increased the transparency of our work and that made it much easier to manage and accomplish our documentation. In turn, this helps us to remain focused on the people we serve. And what do I enjoy most about working for Sunrise? It’s always been the people. The people I serve and the people I work alongside. I can’t even begin to imagine my life without these relationships. “

Garrett Rutledge, Employment Specialist

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Working with us is more than just having a job. It is a chance to make a meaningful difference