Supporting Independence and Dignity: The Transformative Impact of Community Living Services at Sunrise Services

For many adults with developmental disabilities, finding a living arrangement that supports independence and personal growth can be a significant challenge. Sunrise Services offers a solution through its comprehensive Community Living Services, designed to support adults with a wide range of developmental disabilities, as well as those facing major behavioral challenges or dual diagnoses of mental illness or traumatic brain injuries.

Embracing Independence with Community Living

At the heart of Sunrise Services’ approach is the commitment to promoting self-determination, independence, and competence. This commitment is realized through a person-centered planning process involving participants and their families to identify personal goals and the services needed to achieve them.

Participants in the Supported and Community Living program enjoy the autonomy of living in their own homes, houses, or apartments. This setup allows them to make personal choices that many of us take for granted—selecting their own menus, participating in cooking and decorating their living spaces according to their tastes.

Daily Living Support

Understanding that each individual’s needs are unique, Sunrise Services tailors its support to fit the specific requirements of each participant. Depending on personal goals and needs, support may include:

  • Assistance with Daily Activities: From medication management to personal care, services are designed to empower and teach our participants to live as independently as possible.
  • Health and Transportation Coordination: Ensuring participants have access to healthcare and facilitating transportation for healthcare and other activities.
  • Financial and Relationship Management: Offering support with financial management and facilitating relationships with family and friends, which is vital for emotional well-being.
  • Social and Recreational Engagement: Encouraging participation in social and recreational activities to foster a balanced and enjoyable life.

A Focus on Community Integration

Sunrise Services strongly believes in integrating its participants into the community. This philosophy enhances the quality of life for the individuals and enriches the community by promoting diversity and inclusion.

The program supports participants in living independently and being active members of their community, contributing to a richer, more diverse social fabric.

This program represents a resource for adults with developmental disabilities, offering them the support they need to live fulfilling, independent lives that assisted living does not. By focusing on personalized care plans and independence through teaching skills or adapting for a disability, Sunrise Services enhances the lives of its participants and contributes positively to the broader community.

If you want to learn more about the services offered or consider this supportive option for yourself or a loved one, please visit our detailed service page. This resource will provide you with further information on how to get started with Sunrise Services, ensuring every individual has the opportunity to live a dignified, independent life.

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