Congratulations to our Employees of the Month!

Last updated on May 30th, 2024 at 07:58 pm

We are proud to have an amazing team at Sunrise Services. Below, we recognize employees who have gone above and beyond to fulfill their duties. Sunrise employs over 900 people, so being recognized as an employee of the month is quite an honor.

Taylor Pichler, Children’s Program

“Taylor is definitely one of the rock stars here at Mountain View. She is very flexible with her schedule, ensures the house is always clean and frequently completes additional chores without being asked. She is very helpful when teaching new team members about counting carbs, and always has insightful input about the youth we support.”

Chris Lewis, Supported Living Program

“With persistence and encouragement, Chris successfully altered his client’s independence from “hardly ever” to daily. Chris reports any issues or needs that arise in a prompt fashion and other staff look to Chris for guidance.”

Christopher Lanphear, Mental Health

“Chris provides timely reports and sends out reminders to clinicians and staff to ensure we are meeting deadlines and providing great client care. Chris is positive, can be counted on to follow up, cooperates with all staff within the organization, and has his hand in many projects company-wide including the HIPAA Security Committee. He has an open door policy, is willing to drop what he is doing to help someone that needs it, and comes up with creative solutions to make everyone’s lives easier. We are lucky to have Chris as part of our team.”

Lisa Silverman, Health Homes

“Lisa demonstrates knowledge, experience, and compassion with her caseload that consists mostly of clients that have challenging mental health issues. While working with these clients she has been able to reduce the number of emergency room visits and increased the stability of their relationship with their PCP. I appreciate her hard work and dedication to her clients and the success of Health Homes.”