How to Find Caregiver Jobs During Coronavirus

Last updated on May 30th, 2024 at 07:54 pm

Even in the best economies, it can be difficult to get a job. For many people, finding work has become especially hard in the midst of a global pandemic and economic shutdowns.

However, there will always be work for caregivers.

Home care aides, live-in home care workers, certified nursing assistants (NACs or CNAs), and other care professionals provide essential services to people who need assistance with daily tasks. They make life possible for people who are elderly, disabled, recovering from an illness, or in other situations that impact a person’s ability to take care of themselves.

Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there to help you find a caregiver job during the coronavirus pandemic. Read on to find out where to look.

Look on Employer Websites

Some care agencies and residential facilities post job openings on their websites. If you know of any local caregiver employers you may want to work for, you can always check to see if they are advertising a job opening on a career page or employer-specific job board.

Sunrise often posts about open positions for home care aides, mental health support specialists, and other care workers which you can find through our career search. We provide first class paid training through our state-approved and accredited caregiver training program if needed.

Search General Job Databases

Generalized online job databases like Indeed can be very convenient when you’re out of work. While most of the job postings will not be related to your industry, you will often find relevant job postings for caregivers if you narrow your search.

Unfortunately, general job sites are the first place many job seekers look for work. You may have more competition for the positions that are posted.

That being said, people do sometimes find work through online job boards. You may want to keep these sites in mind as one of several potential ways to find your next caregiver job.

Apply with a Staffing Agency

Many people who need caregivers hire a staffing agency when they are short on time or resources to find the right candidates. Filing your resume with staffing agencies may help you learn about open positions before they are posted publicly.

Keep in mind that staffing agency jobs, especially temp agency jobs, do not always pay as well as other positions. In many cases, the staffing agency will charge your employer a markup on your wages, which means less of your employer’s resources are available to go to you.

However, working with a staffing agency relieves some of the burden of searching for a job yourself. Once you are in the staffing agency database, you will receive notifications when a potential position becomes available and assistance with interviewing for the position.

Regardless of how you go about your job search, we wish you the best of luck! Contact Sunrise today to learn more about caregiver jobs in the Greater Seattle area or caregiver training options.

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