How Sunrise Made an Impact on Our Community in 2020

Last updated on June 10th, 2024 at 05:40 pm

2020 was quite the year! When Sunrise was formed more than 40 years ago, we could never have imagined the circumstances our community was faced with during the past year. In spite of all the challenges that came with the pandemic and lockdown measures, the Sunrise team has continued to make a difference in thousands of lives throughout our community. 

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our team members for their hard work and bravery! Let’s celebrate our hard work and successes during the past year.

Providing Needed Behavioral and Mental Health Services

Sunrise provided essential behavioral health services to 1,776 individuals who needed them in 2020. Our brave staff members provided in-person services for many clients whose needs could not be met virtually. In 2021, we will stay on the lookout for our community’s behavioral and mental health needs and support our staff to continue meeting these needs.

Thank you, Behavioral Health team members, for everything you do!

Fast Facts:

  • Provided 30,000 service hours to 1,776 clients in the North Sound region
  • Provided 5,000 hours of group therapy
  • Provided 25,000 hours of individual therapy

Expanding Health Home Services

Sunrise expanded our Health Home program in 2020 and will continue to expand in the future. We helped hundreds of individuals with serious chronic conditions and multiple medical or social service needs in 2020 by acting as a care coordination agency for multiple Health Home services. 

Our Health Home clients typically have at least one serious health issue that requires more than one service provider, are at risk of developing an additional serious condition, and are covered by Medicaid and/or Medicare. The Health Home team has made an enormous difference in reducing individuals’ visits to hospitals and emergency rooms while also supporting their overall health and well-being. A big thanks to the Health Home team!

Fast Facts:

  • Served 676 clients in health home

Helping Clients Stay Safe at Home With Home Care

Sunrise provided support and comfort for hundreds of individuals in their own homes in 2020. Our caregivers provide much-needed assistance for people who would otherwise struggle to complete daily living tasks such as meal prep, bathing, toileting, shopping, dressing, and many other tasks. We also provide training to bring new caregivers into the community and help our existing caregivers grow their skills.

While our home care program faced new challenges in 2020, we held true to our mission of maximizing independence and comfort for seniors and persons with disabilities. We also trained 688 caregiving students to help us grow our program and provide care for more people who need it.

Caregivers are at the heart of our community — thank you so much for all you do! Your work makes an enormous difference in each life you touch, and both clients and their families are deeply grateful.

Fast Facts:

  • Served 667 home care clients
  • Provided 328,493 hours of service
  • Trained 688 caregiving students

Building Opportunities for Clients Through Community Trades and Careers

Sunrise’s Community Trades and Careers program helps adults with developmental, intellectual, or behavioral diagnoses to obtain and maintain employment in their communities. We hope to help build a more inclusive and diverse workforce by understanding each job seeker’s talents, skills, and abilities and matching them with employers. 

While we faced many challenges in 2020, including a lack of staff, we were still able to make a difference for many people in our community. We hope to continue growing this program so we can better serve clients in this area and hire more staff in 2021 to support our existing team members. Thank you to everyone who worked hard on this program during the past year!

Fast Facts:

  • Served 358 clients
  • Placed clients in 34 new jobs
  • Provided 16,274 hours of service

Helping Families With Geriatric Transitions

Geriatric Transitions helps adults with challenging behaviors transition from hospitals to long-term care facilities. This program has continued to support adults with serious mental illness, dementia, mood disorders, and other neurological disorders when they have most needed help throughout the pandemic.

The Geriatric Transitions team plays a vital role in supporting successful community placements and preventing hospital readmission. No matter what challenges come their way, this team provides valuable services by working with adults to create a plan that works for both the individual and the facility, based on a detailed assessment. Thanks for all you do, Geriatric Transitions!

Fast Facts:

  • Served 125 clients
  • Obtained or maintained 110 placements with support services from the Geriatric Transitions Program

Keeping Clients Safe at Home Through Residential Programs

With new restrictions and health concerns impacting so many community activities, having a comfortable home became more important than ever in 2020. The Sunrise team continued to support individuals in community living situations and Adult Family Homes. 

While the pandemic changed some aspects of our services, our team continued to promote self-determination, independence, and involvement for our clients to the extent we could throughout the past year. We give special thanks to all our team members who continued to provide in-person support!

Fast Facts:

  • Served 103 clients in residential programs, mostly daily

Moving Forward to a Brighter Future in 2021 and Beyond

We want to thank each one of our staff members throughout Sunrise for the work you have done over the past 15 months to provide essential care and services. You are all amazing, and the work you do helps thousands of members of our community.

“In spite of the challenges of the pandemic and lockdown, we still accomplished so much and provided services to so many people,” says Alexander Naumchik, Chief Operating Officer of Sunrise. “It’s been a wild ride but it’s been worth it.”

As we move forward in 2021, we hope to expand access to telehealth and other resources, improve our team’s schedule flexibility and communications with remote staff, and grow our team to better serve the community. We look forward to healthier and happier times together.


Moving Forward to a Brighter Future in 2021 and Beyond


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