Online Training: The Next Step On Your Caregiving Journey

Last updated on May 30th, 2024 at 07:29 pm

In 2024, online training is a popular choice for many jobs, including caregiving. Depending on where you live, you can meet caregiver certification or continuing education (C.E.) requirements through online caregiver training courses.

Each state has its own caregiver training requirements. In Washington State, becoming a caregiver — also known as a Home Care Aide (HCA-C) — requires 75 hours of training. Some of that training can be completed online, although other parts are easier to do in person.

Sunrise offers several online training options for new and experienced caregivers. Below, we explain how online training can help you start working as an HCA-C or meet C.E. requirements.

Becoming a Certified Caregiver

Washington State requires caregivers to have 75 hours of basic training. That includes 5 hours of Orientation & Safety training, 54 hours of core basic training, and 16 hours of population-specific training.

From there, you can complete the caregiver certification process by passing the state exam. You must take the exam within 150 days of completing your training. If you wait too long, you will need to retake your training.

Washington State lets you count online training toward your 75 hours. However, online courses have their drawbacks. Some skills are much easier to learn in person. We often recommend a combination of online and in-person skills lab training to prepare for the certification exam.

Basic Online Caregiver Training Options

At Sunrise, we offer several online caregiver class options that can count toward your 75-hour training requirements:

  • Orientation & Safety Training (5 hours online). This online caregiver course covers basic caregiver knowledge and safety practices. You are required to complete this part of your training before you work with any clients.
  • Core Basic Training (54 hours, partially online and partially in-person). Sunrise offers a hybrid learning program. That means you take part of your core basic training online, then finish up with in-person skills lab training. For the in-person part of the training, you can sign up for three days of classes in Everett or Anacortes.
  • Population Specific Training (16 hours online or in-person). To meet Washington State requirements, you can choose from a variety of population-specific courses, including some online options. Sunrise offers virtual courses in capable caregiving for dementia, mental wellness, and substance use disorders.

Advancing Your Career With Specialized Online Caregiver Training

online caregiver training

Sunrise offers several virtual specialty courses that can count toward caregiver continuing education. They can also help you meet job-specific requirements for advanced caregiver training and professional development.

  • Mental health specialty. This 8-hour class allows you to earn a certificate through an exam. It covers common mental disorders, trauma-informed care, support options for care, getting help, crisis management, suicide prevention, behaviors, communication, boundaries, and more. You can take it as a virtual class via Zoom.
  • Dementia specialty. This is another 8-hour class that allows you to earn a certificate through an exam. It covers the basics of dementia, delusions/hallucinations, working with families, ADLs, sexuality & dementia, communication, trauma-informed care, challenging behaviors, and more. You can take it as a virtual class via Zoom.
  • Substance use disorder expanded specialty. This course is designed for caregivers working in long-term care settings. It explains some possible causes, types, and symptoms of substance use disorders. It also develops competence in supporting people with a substance use disorder, approaching challenging behaviors, person-centered communication, identifying stigma, positive communication approaches, and caregiver self-care.

Interested in more caregiver training options? Check out Sunrise’s course catalog. We may offer new online courses in the future.

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