Boost Your Career in 2021 With Certified Caregiver Training

Caregiving is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand careers in America. A 2019 study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that caregiving employment is projected to increase by 34% by 2029, much more than the average 4% employment increase for other American jobs. 

Whether you are already a certified caregiver or you’re just getting your career started, Sunrise offers multiple certified caregiver training programs to help you prepare for your future in one of the most popular careers of the next decade.

Certified Caregiver Training in Washington State

Sunrise offers every class you will need to become a certified caregiver. Whether you need to renew your HCA-C or become CPR certified, Sunrise’s caregiver training can be completed in-person and online in ways that best fit your lifestyle.

75-Hour Basic Training for Caregivers

To become a caregiver, you will need to complete 75 hours of basic caregiver training. All classes can be done either completely on-site or through a mixture of online and in-person learning.

Once you’ve finished your training, you will need to pass the state exam to receive your Home Care Aide Certified (HCA-C) credential.

Online Caregiver Training Course Options

Sunrise’s 75-hour certified caregiver training program is done in three sections:

  1. 5 hours of Orientation & Safety Training
  2. 30 hours of Population Specific Training
  3. 40 hours of Basic Core Training. 

The first 35 hours of training can be finished completely online. During the last 40 hours of Basic Core Training, you will participate in a 5-day on-site program.

Taking Your Caregiver Training to the Next Level

If you’re already a certified caregiver, Sunrise can help you take your career to the next level. You can become a certified nursing assistant, learn more about mental health and dementia, or become certified in nurse delegation through many of Sunrise’s training programs.

Become a Nursing Assistant With the NAC Bridge Program

Sunrise’s NAC Bridge program helps people who are Home Care Aide-Certified (HCA-C)  become Nursing Assistant-Certified (NAC) seamlessly.

The Bridge Program can be completed in a 24-hour course which is facilitated in three 8-hour sections. Once you’ve finished the program, students are eligible to take the state test to become Nursing Assistant Certified.

Mental Health & Dementia Specialties

Sunrise offers specialty courses on mental health and dementia which you can enroll in for only $85 each. Each class offered is completed in a single day of training followed by a written exam, which must be passed with 80% correct or higher. 

These courses can count towards population-specific training hours during basic caregiver training, be used to meet job requirements, or be taken to meet the annual CE requirement. 

Nurse Delegation Core & Diabetes

The Nurse Delegation Core is a self-study program in which you learn how to complete advanced caregiving tasks that would otherwise be done by an RN. The program can be completed with 9 hours of training and an exam passed with an 80% or higher. Testing can be done during an in-person written exam or through a Zoom meeting where questions are answered orally. 

Diabetes Certification is also done as a self-study program and includes information about insulin injections and diabetes. You can receive your certification from Sunrise after a 3-hour training program and an exam passed with a 90% or higher. 

Continue Your Certified Caregiver Training Today!

Sunrise can help you become a caregiver or continue your education. Through a combination of online and in-person options, you can complete the training you need to begin or continue your career in caregiving. Join our fast-growing community today and help those who are in need!

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