How To Get a Caregiver Job in Washington State

Last updated on May 30th, 2024 at 07:37 pm

Are you a patient, empathetic person who wants to make a difference in people’s lives? Are you interested in a career in caregiving but have no idea where to start? The staff at Sunrise Services is happy to guide prospective caregivers like you on your home care aide journey!

Here is a step-by-step approach to getting a caregiver job in Washington State.

1. Start Applying For a Caregiver Job

Some caregiver programs are willing to provide or pay for training. If you get a job before applying to a training program, you will be able to earn money while completing the requirements to become certified.

There are several places you can start looking when it comes to applying for caregiver jobs. If you already know of some local caregiver employers, the first thing you can do is look on their websites. Most employers will have a Jobs or Careers page where you can look at job openings. You can also apply through a staffing agency or a job database (such as Indeed and LinkedIn) which lists job openings from many different companies all around the country.

If you are looking for a caregiver job in Western Washington, we encourage you to apply at Sunrise Services. We provide training for new caregivers, and we know you’ll love working with us! Check out our jobs board to see if we have any home care aide positions open.

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2. Sign Up For an Approved Caregiver Job Training Program

If your job does not provide training, there are many places where you can apply for caregiving programs. You can attend a program at a community college or through an organization such as Sunrise Services or the Washington State Department of Health.

Chances are, there will be multiple caregiver training programs either in your area or mostly online. You can find and sign up for the one that’s the best fit for you.

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3. Complete Your 75 Hours of Core, Basic, and Population-Specific Training

Your training is where you learn everything you need to know about being a home care aide. In Washington State, this must include 5 hours of orientation and safety training, 30 hours of population specific training, and 40 hours of core basic training.

A lot of this training can be done online or in person, depending on where you choose to receive your training. However, you will likely still need to attend a portion of your training in person to practice hands-on caregiving skills.

4. Take the HCA-C Certification Exam

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The home care aide exam includes two different sections, a written portion, and a skills section. There are multiple testing locations throughout the state, including one at Sunrise Services. The fee is $45 for the written exam and $92 for the skills exam.

5. Get Your Fingerprint Background Check Done

You can complete a background check online through the Washington State Department of Health, and get fingerprinted at your local police station or another law enforcement office. The cost is $34.25 in addition to the cost of getting fingerprinted, which may vary depending on the location.

6. A Caregiver Job Requires a Home Care Aide License

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You can apply for a home care aide license either online or through the mail.

To apply online, visit the Washington State Department of Health website. To apply through mail, you must first download and print the required documents from the website and mail them to the address listed for the Washington State Department of Health.

7. Renew Your License Every Year

Finally, it is important to remember that your license needs to be renewed every year. The license expires on your birthday and can be renewed up to 90 days before its expiration date.

We hope this list is helpful with getting you started on your caregiver career. If you are interested in caregiver training options or getting a caregiver job in the Seattle area, don’t hesitate to contact Sunrise Services. Our staff is happy to answer your questions!

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