Caregiver Training During Coronavirus: Online Course Options at Sunrise

Coronavirus doesn’t mean career education has to stop. While in-person classes may not be an option during the Governor-mandated shutdown, you are still free to pursue online caregiver training courses that will get you closer to your goals.

With many of your usual outdoor activities and meetups canceled, now is an excellent time to focus on getting your caregiver certification!

Basic HCA-C Training Online

At Sunrise, we offer the full 5-hour Orientation & Safety Training and a wide variety of Population Specific Training options online. While you cannot complete all 75 hours of basic caregiver training online, you can still get a good chunk of it done while in-person classes are paused.

To meet Washington State home care aide certification (HCA-C) requirements, you will need to complete a minimum of 30 hours of population-specific training. Here are just a few of your options:

  • Addiction – 2.5 hours
  • Autism – 1.5 hours
  • Cerebral Palsy – 2 hours
  • Intro to Mental Health – 2 hours
  • Dementia – 5 hours
  • Depression – 1.5 hours
  • Diabetes – 6 hours
  • Respiratory System – 4 hours
  • Through the Eyes of a Caregiver (how to avoid stress and be a successful caregiver) – 4 hours

You can find a full list of available online courses and classes at

Online Continuing Education for Caregivers

In addition to basic caregiver training, we offer extensive online continuing education courses for caregivers. Here is a sample of our offerings:

  • HIV/AIDS – 4 hours
  • Through the Eyes of a Caregiver (how to avoid stress and be a successful caregiver) – 4 hours
  • Understanding TBI – 6 hours
  • Skin Ulcers: a 3-part series – 4 hours
  • Stroke: a 5-part series – 6 hours
  • Client Rights – 2 hours
  • Food Safety – 0.5 hours
  • Cultural Sensitivity in Caregiving – 1 hour
  • When a Child Cares for a Parent – 1 hour

A full list of our available online courses and classes is available at

What If I’m Already Enrolled in In-Person Classes?

Due to Governor Inslee’s mandates, all in-person training classes that were scheduled between March 17th and May 4th have been canceled. Currently enrolled students will be automatically rescheduled for the next available session at the same location after the closure ends. You should receive communication from our team on reschedule specifics.

In the meantime, you can check to see if your class is available in an online format on our training website. Please reach out for more information at or by phone at 425-212-4210.

What Else Should I Know About Online Caregiver Training?

If you are new to online education, you may be worried about doing schoolwork with no instructors or fellow students nearby to answer questions and help you stay on track. Many students find the transition to online coursework challenging, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.

We recommend sticking to a routine and keeping a physical reminder of why you are pursuing training around your workstation. It can be as simple as a sticky note with a few motivating words. Be sure to check out our previous blog post on how to succeed in online caregiver training.

Online Caregiver Training with Sunrise

Sunrise’s online caregiver training is available 24 hours a day. You can fit training into your schedule and finish as much or as little as you want at a time. Our online classes are designed to work for everyone, even people with busy schedules and lots of responsibilities.

Once you purchase our online training, the course will be automatically loaded to your account. There is no wait to begin classes. When you complete the course, you will find a certificate automatically ready in your account.

If you are interested in our online courses, enroll now or reach out to us. We will be available at or by phone at 425-212-4210 during the coronavirus shutdown.