Is an Online Caregiver Training Program Right for You?

Last updated on September 27th, 2019 at 04:41 pm

Starting a caregiver training program can be a huge step into a new career. But the process doesn’t need to be restrictively time consuming or complicated. Find out if an online caregiver training program is the right next step for you.

Why Become a Caregiver?

HomeCare Aides help people who can’t perform some activities in their daily lives. HCAs perform duties like housekeeping and cleaning, shopping for groceries and preparing meals, assisting with personal hygiene, driving clients to appointments and errands, and helping clients move around the house.

Caregiving can be extremely rewarding, offering the chance to help people in-need and maintain an active lifestyle. Career opportunities in the field are growing quickly. In the State of Washington, caregiving jobs are expected to increase by 28% between 2014 and 2024.

How Can I Become a Caregiver?

caregiver training programIn Washington, the process is straight forward, allowing you to start your new career quickly. Washington gives you 120 days from the day you begin caregiving to get your certification, allowing you to find a job before committing time and money to becoming certified.

Before you work with your first client you must complete a 5 hour orientation and safety training class.. To become fully Home Care Aide (HCA-C) certified you must complete 75 hours of basic training and pass the state exam.

The 75 hours of training are comprised of:

  • 5 hours of Orientation and Safety Training
  • 30 hours of Population Specific Training
  • 40 hours of Core Basic Training

The sessions can be done in any order allowing for additional flexibility in the scheduling process. At Sunrise services, we can help with every stage of the certification process.


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How Does Online Caregiving Training Work?

Online caregiver training allows you to earn your HCA Certification at your own pace. Course materials are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to learn whenever your schedule allows. Our online classes are designed to work for everyone, even busy professionals with busy schedules.

At Sunrise Services we offer in-person and online courses to suit your needs and learning style at affordable prices. Our online course offerings have the same high quality content as our on-site training, providing you with the same education and a chance to work or volunteer while working towards certification.

caregiver training program

We offer the 5 hour Introductory Orientation and Safety Training course exclusively online. This is a great chance to see if online learning is right for you and to become familiar with the process. This class is needed before your first day caring for a client.

We also offer Population Specific Training both on-site and online. This is 30 hours of the 75 hour basic training requirement. This means you can take 35 of the total 75 hours of required training online. The final 40 hours is offered monthly on-site as a five day program where you will get hands-on skills practice in our amazing skills-lab. Remember, you have 120 days to complete your training, and 200 days to get certified from your date-of-hire, giving you flexibility to complete the requirements at your own pace.

Sunrise Services also offers online continuing education classes, allowing you to keep your certification up to date easily and when your schedule allows.

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