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As a caregiver, you need 12 hours of continuing education (CE) every year to keep working in Washington State. You can use that CE requirement to get new certifications that expand your job opportunities.

One certification to consider working toward is nurse delegation. This certification lets you do some types of care work that a nurse would otherwise handle.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to meet your continuing education requirements, sign up for a nurse delegation course from Sunrise Services today!

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What is Nurse Delegation?

Nurse delegation is a process where a registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) delegates some of their healthcare tasks to a specially trained caregiver. A nurse can delegate most daily care tasks to a caregiver as long as they have the nurse delegation certification.

Nurse delegation is common in settings like home care, assisted living facilities, and adult family homes. If you are certified in nurse delegation, you can help administer medications, give insulin injections, do non-sterile dressing changes, monitor blood glucose monitoring, do gastronomy feedings, and more when a nurse directs you to. The certification shows that you are trained to do these tasks safely.

However, nurses cannot delegate every task to a caregiver. For example, care clients still need a nurse for sterile procedures, central line maintenance, and any injected medications beyond insulin.

Why Become Certified in Nurse Delegation?

Nurse delegation self study course

There are many reasons to get certified in nurse delegation. Here are a few reasons to take a nurse delegation course:

  • Meeting Continuing Education (CE) Requirements. The right nurse delegation certification course can count toward your state continuing education requirements. In other words, you can use the training to maintain your status as a certified Home Care Aide (HCA-C) in Washington state.
  • More Career Options: Nurse delegation lets you do a wider range of care tasks, which may mean more job options and higher pay rates.
  • Enhanced Client Care: With the nurse delegation certification, you can more effectively help clients with daily medical needs. You can take pride in meeting more clients’ unique needs and providing a higher standard of care.
  • Professional Growth: Certifications like nurse delegation demonstrate your commitment to professional growth. It can enhance your professional reputation and increase your credibility as a skilled, knowledgeable caregiver.

Enrolling in a nurse delegation course will help you meet your CE requirements while gaining the skills for new job opportunities.

Sunrise Services’ Nurse Delegation Self-Study Course

Sunrise Services’ nurse delegation courses are a convenient way to meet your CE requirements and work toward certification in nurse delegation. These are flexible, self-study courses that you can fit around your busy schedule. You can enroll online, over the phone, or in person.

Our 9-hour Nurse Delegation Core course covers essential topics like how the delegation process works and which tasks must be delegated by an RN. If you pass the exam afterward with an 80% score or higher, you will receive a 9-hour certificate that you can use for continuing education or job requirements.

We also have a Nurse Delegation Diabetes course. This course covers insulin injections and other tasks that relate to caring for people with diabetes. You must have already completed the Nurse Delegation Core to sign up for this course. If you pass the exam with a 90% or higher, you will receive a 3-hour certificate that you can use for continuing education or job requirements.

If you take both courses, you will meet your Washington State CE requirements for the year.

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Other Caregiver Training Programs From Sunrise

Sunrise Services offers many other caregiver training courses. We cover specialty topics like dementia, mental health, traumatic brain injury care, and much more. Our goal is to help you excel in your caregiving roles, meet CE requirements, and meet the unique needs of your clients.

Our caregiver training programs are known for their comprehensive curriculum and flexible learning options. Many of our courses have self-study or online learning options, although some are only offered in person due to state requirements.

Our courses can help you stay certified as an HCA-C in Washington State, build new skills, and gain a competitive edge in the caregiving field. You can qualify for more jobs and increase your earning potential. A nurse delegation certification will open up new doors for you!

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