Types of Caregiver Training Offered

75 Hr Basic Training

NAC Bridge Program

Nurse Delegation

CE Classes

Specialty Courses

CPR + First Aid

Become a certified Home Care Aide (HCA-C) and take the first step toward a thriving medical career!

The Sunrise Services caregiver training program offers all the classes you need for the HCA-C 75 hour certificate. We also provide new, yearly, CE class bundles of 12 credits needed for caregivers licensing requirements.  Sunrise also provides opportunities for career growth and higher pay through Nurse Delegation classes and Bridge Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC). All of our courses and instructors are DSHS approved.

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caregiver training
caregiver training

75 Hours Basic Caregiver Training

Sunrise’s DSHS approved 75 Hour Basic Caregiving program prepares you to become a certified Home Care Aide (HCA-C) in Washington State. The 75 hour training includes 5 hours of Orientation and safety, 16 hours of population-specific training, and 54 hours of core basic training. Upon completion of the 75 hour certificate, students are eligible to apply for and take the Prometric Home Care Aide State Licensing Exam.

NAC Bridge Program

Becoming a NAC allows for higher pay, and the ability to work in a hospital or long-term care facility. The NAC Bridge Program links to the original HCA-C training and only adds an additional 24 hours of classroom, skills, and clinical time. If you are interested in becoming a LPN or RN , having a license gives you extra points towards entering a nursing program. Many assisted living facilities, hospitals and healthcare centers will help you pay for nursing tuition and schedule your work hours around nursing school.

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home care

Nurse Delegation Core Course

We offer additional classes that train HCAs and NACs to perform extra responsibilities such as changing colostomy bags and other nurse delegated activities. Nurse Delegation Core is 9 hours of additional education completed at home, with testing completed at the Sunrise Training Center.

Nurse Delegation Diabetes Course

Nursing Delegation Diabetes is an additional 3 hours of training. This training lets you assist clients with managing their diabetes under the supervision of a nurse. HCAs and NACs who have delegation skills often recieve higher pay, and these delegated responsibilities cross over into nursing skills if you plan to earn a LPN or RN license.

home care aide (HCA-C)
caregiver training

Online Continuing Education (CE) Credit

Sunrise also provides variety bundles of 12 Hours yearly Continued Education Credits for HCAs, NACs, and nurses for license renewal for a reasonable cost of $15.00 per credit. This allows you to take new courses each year, download and print certificates, and receive your credits anytime through our online training platform.

CPR and First Aid

We offer CPR and First Aid training to help with recertification. Part of the class is online, and the other part is in-person skills training with practice on mannequins.

caregiver training

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